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O2O suitable teaching and learning leader   

Xuechuang Education was founded in 2013, headquartered in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Zone。Xuechuang Education is an educational technology enterprise integrating research and development, resources, platforms and services, providing smart classroom, smart campus solutions and regional education cloud services for primary and secondary schools。

Cross-strait customer recognition

Xuechuang Education has 17 branches focusing on marketing and service and more than 200 partners in consulting research, technology development, implementation services and distribution channels。Xuechuang Education's marketing, service and partner network covers 72 cities in 25 provinces。It serves more than 900 schools across the country and has built more than 2,200 information-based teaching demonstration classes。

Core team lineup

Eight years of tempering, thousands of R & D engineers and 300 million market research and development research, together with well-known information technology experts at home and abroad, research and development of smart education related products under the background of education informatization, and provide related services。

Corporate culture

The company is positioned as an educational service platform enterprise,Practice "suitable Yang talent,Lifelong learning "mission,Rely on professional service team and fast service response,Actively promote the construction of digital campus in primary and secondary schools and the improvement of users' information literacy,Serving K12 education,Serve the development of education information industry,Determined to become the leader of O2O suitable teaching and learning solutions。

Company film profile

Scheme introduction

Three Three Cloud School with two three - "teachers, students, parents" and "interaction, turnover, adaptability" as the core,Well-known information technology and education experts within and outside the United Nations,Developed with efficient, easy to use, interactive, personalized and other characteristics of digital education overall solution,Including smart classroom, online learning, fitness remediation, health promotion, joy to read and enjoy。

Multiple smart classroom solutions

互动 •   翻转  •  适性

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Rich all-round three three cloud school

O2O hybrid adaptive teaching and learning solution

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Innovative health promotion programmes

Learning by doing Innovative courses to develop "healthy habits"

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Full of fun to read and enjoy the program

Developing innovative "reading" curriculum from "interest-driven learning model"

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Autonomous adaptive remediation program

Autonomous learning  •  Cooperative inquiry  •  Adaptive counseling

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Teaching application example

Regional schools + education consortium application examples

The regional education consortium solution is based on the smart campus cloud platform, manages education and teaching activities around the "famous school +", and helps the regional education consortium build a "six synchronous" working mechanism...

An example of teaching application in Sanyun School

The multi-dimensional and highly effective characteristics of Sanyun School, combined with the way that schools can be customized according to budget, have gradually been respected by many schools and affirmed by teachers.

Smart campus application example

Smart campus has become the focus of education reform in advanced countries around the world, and governments in Europe, the United States and Asia are vigorously promoting smart classrooms and smart campus programs.

Professional certification

Won the "digital campus integrated solution" project certification of the Central Video Education Center

Quality management system certification

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